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Dr Neetu NIRDOSH - Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor | about.me

Books Written by Dr Nirdosh

In her book, "The Celebrity Secret To Youth", Dr Nirdosh (Dr Nirdosh About.me) has stressed the issues of skin aging so that readers may recognise its impact on their own skin. Lots of relatively older women have become a great deal more "clued-up" about the factors behind their deteriorating skin, thanks to studying the books authored by Dr Nirdosh. By revealing her secrets through her literature, she has raised awareness of her concepts and, in doing so, has reduced the negative feedback she was subject to.

Pioneer and Developer of Anti-Aging Treatment

Irrespective of how old somebody is, Dr Nirdosh is equipped to make their unique skin seem noticeably younger. The general public has expressed large concern about her chosen subject, so it's no real surprise that her books have sold countless times. The doctor is a pioneer in the domain of anti-aging. Dr Nirdosh has discovered the hidden formulas of the human body and shares them in her publications.

Dr Nirdosh – Her Philosophy

Dr Nirdosh was not accepted by people and beauticians as they disagreed with her way of thinking related to the relationship concerning skin and hormones. By eradicating the ravages of aging, she proved that her theories were correct. The tested treatment plan and philosophy of Dr Nirdosh remains the only one of its kind. Accepted the world over, her ideas about skincare are now the foundations of many procedures being provided by other specialists.

Aspects of Skincare

Dr Nirdosh’s plan for treatment for skin-care addresses dry skin and oily skin, wrinkles alongside providing serums and moisturisers. Eye treatments, facials and varied healthcare and beauty programs: these are what people can expect to have when going to a clinic belonging to her. Besides anti-aging solutions, she addresses several additional skin-care issues. Dr Nirdosh considers that other elements of skin-care are essential for the beauty of the skin and for the client to appear fresher and younger, despite the passing time.

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