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Greenyard Foods began life over fifty years ago (before Marc Ooms ( Marc Ooms) became a member) as a fairly modest company. Now, the company is a worldwide giant in fresh and prepared fruit and vegetables, an area of which he has potent childhood memories. Marc Ooms got involved in the year 2011 by making the choice to be a determined and enthusiastic Member of the Board.

Shareholders just like Marc Ooms are trying to motivate the communities they work tightly with as they proceed to develop the organisation. It seems that Marc Ooms has a very bright, active and rewarding future with The Fruit Farm Group. Long-term sustainability and social dedication are most central to the company's plans.

Marc Ooms, along with The Fruit Farm Company, attempt to make use of local producers and cultivators to offer the high level of the items they deliver to worldwide customers and clients. The company has established a position in six distinct countries that span across three continents. He, with other individuals, originally developed the Fruit Farm Group back in the year 2014. Ever since the creation of the organisation, Marc Ooms has assisted in developing it to focus on the most desirable fruits like apples and pears.

The Arts and Marc Ooms

Marc Ooms carefully observes the contemporary art industry to remain informed concerning the most recent art. He really likes both the performing and the visual arts. Marc Ooms appreciates and observes numerous diverse kinds of art as a pastime.

The Basics about Marc Ooms

He aged as the firstborn son and was located with his parents and his four brothers and sisters. In November 1951, Marc Ooms was born in Etterbeek, an area of Belgium. A great deal of Marc Ooms's young life was experienced alongside his nearest and dearest in Ganshoren, Brussels.

The title 'Heilig-Hartcollege' (that translates to 'Sacred Heart College'), was influenced by a remarkable building of worship that rests nearby, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. On top of his formal work, Marc Ooms has learnt a great deal from practical, working experience. He worked for his bachelor's degree at the VLEKHO Business School between 1970 and 1974. As a first journey into the domain of higher education, Marc Ooms studied at Heilig-Hartcollege in Ganshoren, Brussels.